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Crono Lets you Create Timesheets

Create timesheets, setting tasks for your employees allowing you to see how much time has been spent on individual tasks taking away the complications of task organisation, let Crono do it all for you!

Easily Accept or Reject Timesheets

Crono allows admins to quickly search through and view individual timesheets to either accept or reject them. This pushes a notification to your team members allowing them to make amendments or rest easy knowing their timesheet is completed.

Manage your Projects

Project Management is made easy with Crono, assign individual team members to different projects with the click of a button and watch the magic happen.

Simple Invoicing

Generate beautiful invoices complete with your company logo. Select a client and then pick the tasks you want to charge for. Crono automatically calculates the costs based on the timesheets and the hourly rate you have set. Send out invoices to your clients via email or download a PDF version. Keep track of your finances by marking invoices as paid and see who is still to pay from within the app.

Simple Team Management

Crono makes it easy to organise your team, easily assign individual employees to projects, allowing them to tell you exactly what they’ve completed freeing your time for the business of doing business.

Smart Filtering

Crono’s smart filtering makes finding and managing timesheets easier than ever. Filter by date, team member, accepted, pending or declined. Combine the filters together to supercharge your workflow. Crono's Sticky Filters mean that you can navigate around the app and your filters will always stay applied until switched off.

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We’re UK Based

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  • We’re UK Based

  • Secure Data

  • Cloud Hosted

Crono does all of this and so much more.
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