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How to Choose the Best Timesheet Software for Small Businesses in 2018

How can your small business increase productivity in 2018? The answer is simple! Read on to find out how Crono’s super simple timesheet software is the best timesheet software for small businesses.

Why do small businesses need timesheet software?


You want your business to succeed, profit and grow. But how can you see if you’re on track if you’re not measuring your employees’ productivity?

Timesheet software for small businesses can help you see exactly how your staff are using their time, how long projects are taking and which projects or clients are using the most of your resources. If you know this, you can assess how to better organise your team’s workload and ensure your pricing strategy is both fair and profitable.

The best timesheet software systems can cut hours of admin from your operation, streamline workflows, boost staff productivity and help plan your operations. Here are five fantastic reasons to start using online timesheet software for your small business in 2018:

Track your team’s time


Using timesheet software for your small business is an effective way to ensure your employees are on track to meet their targets.

As their employer, you can see what projects they have been working on and how much time has been spent helping each client. You can identify whether the employee needs to spend more time with a more valuable client and reallocate workload accordingly.

The time tracking system can be an equally useful tool for the employee, allowing them a true picture in how they have been allocating their time, so that they can re-evaluate priorities where necessary.


Make improvements to business processes


best timesheet software uk

The best timesheet systems for small businesses can help you identify any ways in which your processes and operations could be improved – for both the business and for your employees. If there is an imbalance in the allocation of workload, the time tracking software will help you spot it. If particular clients are proving demanding or unprofitable, having the facts will help you address these issues.


Identify unprofitable areas


best timesheet software

Time tracking software can help you spot any areas of your business that are unprofitable or even costing you money. For instance, you can see exactly how much time has been allocated to each of your clients, and then plot that against the income you’ve received from that client to analyse if a profit has been made.

Knowing when too much time is being spent on unprofitable clients allows you to make management decisions about time allocation and evaluate your business partnerships.


Better workflows, better team management


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One of the benefits of Crono’s time tracking system for UK businesses is that admins can assign tasks to specific employees. This means your team can receive clear instruction on their workload directly through the app. With everything recorded within the software, there’s no confusion about who should be spending their time doing what.

Plus, managers have all the information they need at their fingertips, to allocate tasks or redistribute workload.


Cut down admin time


best timesheets

Within a small team, everyone’s role is vital to the success of the company. Your employees have important jobs to do – and you’d rather they were getting on with them than spending hours on admin tasks.

Often, there isn’t one person specifically assigned to admin. So for many small businesses, outdated, clunky time tracking systems are eating into their workforce’s precious time. Using simple, online timesheets can cut the admin and boost productivity. One to talk to a member of the Crono team? Get in touch! best timesheet software for small businesses


How can timesheet software improve the costs of your small business?


Do you know how long your employees are spending on each project? If not, how can you ensure you’re charging the right amount for their time? A timesheet system for small businesses is the only way you can accurately track you team’s work and make sure your price is right!

You can see which customers or projects are the most profitable, and which are the least – allowing you to make informed decisions about how you prioritise workload.

What’s more, keeping track of how busy your employees are will help you decide if it’s time to take on more staff – safe in the knowledge that the recruitment investment will be offset.

Perhaps you’re thinking – but how much does it cost to get the best timesheet software for small businesses? The good news is that Crono’s basic package is completely free. Why not trial it today?


Why using excel is outdated and less efficient


best timesheets for uk businesses


Excel timesheets have long been used as a method of keeping timesheets for small businesses. But nowadays, they’re outdated and fiddly in comparison to the online alternatives available. Take Crono, for example. It’s a super simple way to track time online – without the admin hassle.

Crono’s beautifully designed interface is a breeze to use for just about anyone. It’s really easy for managers to add projects and assign team members to projects at the click of a button. Team members can then tick of tasks as they’re completed and timesheets are automatically created.

No chasing spreadsheets, no data entry, no messing about with bits of paper. Just all the information you need in one place, at your fingertips.


Dominate your industry with effective timesheet software


It’s a competitive world out there! The companies that dominate their industries are the ones who not only offer a great product or service to their customers, but also run their internal operations with maximum efficiency. So sign up to the best timesheet software for UK businesses and stay ahead of your competitors.


Crono is perfect for small businesses, including yours


Let Crono handle the boring stuff! Crono’s free online timesheets cut hours from your business’s admin tasks – so your employees can spend less time filling out spreadsheets and more time getting on with their jobs.

How can our online timesheet software help your business? It’s simple. We’ve included multiple functions – all of which are available to you at the click of a button. Assign projects to team members, allocate tasks, track time and automatically generate invoices. Crono takes the hassle out of organising workload and timesheets for you and your team.

If the benefits above have convinced you, the next step is to choose the best timesheet system for your small business. Do you want to log hours? Do you need to be able to allocate tasks to specific employees? Do you want to generate invoices from your timesheets?

Crono is a time tracking app that contains of all these features and we think it’s the best time timesheet software for small businesses. Crono has been designed with the user in mind and is super simple to use for managers and employees.

What makes Crono the perfect timesheet system for small businesses is its usability. From a clear and beautifully designed dashboard, admin users can easily search and filter any information they need. And for employees, tracking time is a breeze and won’t stop them from getting on with more important tasks.

The best bit? Crono is free. Yes, our basic package is completely free with no contracts and no catches. Crono’s starter package allows admin access for up to two users, and management of two projects at a time. So it’s the ideal timesheet software for small businesses.

In fact, it would be hard to think of a reason not to start using Crono right away. To try it for yourself, visit and sign up for free.

Request any feature to tailor your experience to your business


Crono’s developers are passionate about making sure their timesheet software for small businesses is the best available. That’s why users have the option to request features to be added to their app, which are tailored to the needs of their organisation. Our support and development teams are UK based, putting customers at the top of our priority list.

Whatever business decisions you make this year, make the decision to start using Crono’s timesheet software for your small business – the rewards will speak for themselves!


Need more info? Ask us for a free demo.


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