Best Timesheet Software

Best Timesheet Software

Why Crono is the UK’s best timesheet software

Want to know how you can get the UK’s best timesheet software for free? Say hello to Crono.

Crono is one of the newest timetracking apps on the market and we think it’s the UK’s best timesheet software. Why? It’s simple. In fact, Crono is all about simplicity – both in its functionality and in the way it can make your working life easier.

Crono is an innovative new Software as a Service (SaaS) product that’s been specially designed to save your business time and money. You can use Crono from your mac, PC, tablet or mobile and it works seamlessly on all browsers.

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Why Crono is the UK’s best timesheet software

Crono’s free time tracking software is a breeze to use and makes logging timesheets super simple. You can check employee hours and schedules at the click of a button from one easy-to-use dashboard. So you can better allocate workload. So your staff can do their jobs, not hours of admin. So you can invoice customers quickly and accurately. So your business is more profitable and your people are happier. See? Super simple.

Best time management app for working on the go

Crono is one of the best time management apps for working on the go because it’s fully optimised for mobile devices.

Want to approve timesheets on the go? Crono makes it super simple. Need to raise an invoice for a client from your mobile? Crono has it covered. You’re busy running your business, attending meetings and visiting clients – so the team at Crono have made sure you can have the best timesheet app on hand, wherever you go.

Our software is also one of the best time management apps because it’s hosted in the cloud. That means any changes you make from your mobile device will be instantly updated on your desktop software too – so you can move effortlessly from office to meeting with full project management information at your fingertips.

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Get the best timesheet software for free

Make sure you’re using the best free time tracking software for your business and sign up to Crono today.

It’s really simple – just click ‘sign up’, enter a couple of details and away you go! You’re all set to start using the best UK timesheet software to streamline your business and say goodbye to admin hassle.

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Best timesheet software for small businesses

Crono is the best timesheet software for small businesses – firstly because the starter package is completely free with no catches and no tie-ins.

Sign up to our basic package for administration access for up to two people, as well as management of up to two projects at any one time. For growing businesses, it’s the perfect tool to manage projects, timesheets and invoices.

When you have a small team, it’s crucial that they can focus on their specific roles and help build your business. You don’t want them to be spending hours of their day filling out complicated timesheets – you want that time to be spent where their skills are best placed. 

Easily Accept & Reject Simple Timesheets

Another feature that makes Crono the best timesheet software is the ease with which you can accept and rejects timesheets – right from within the app. Your staff can complete their timesheets using a simple online template, which admins can then see.

As an admin, you can search for and view timesheets by project or by person. If something’s not quite right, simply click reject and add a message to send directly to the relevant team member. If you’re happy with the hours logged, you can accept timesheets at the click of a button.

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Download your free timesheet spreadsheet

Looking for the best timesheet spreadsheet to download? Crono also gives you the option to download free templates for your team to use. Just like our app, they are clear and easy to use – saving your business hours of admin hassle. Like our free downloadable spreadsheets? Why not try our online time management software for a really easy and up-to-date way to manage your workforce?

Why Choose Cronos Timesheet Software

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Cronos Timesheet Software is Free

So what exactly can you do with the best time tracking app? Here are some of the benefits that make Crono the best timesheet software you can get:

It’s free! You can sign up to Crono’s basic package for free – no contracts, no catches. This package allows you to manage up to two projects at any one time with access for up to two managers, making it one of the best timesheet apps for small businesses. Need to add more projects? No problem, just upgrade your package. Thanks to cloud hosting, you can add an unlimited number of tasks to the system – that’s great for big businesses with multiple projects on the go.

Track Time in Less Time with Crono Timesheet Software

Track time in less time. With Crono, admin hassle becomes a thing of the past! It’s the best timesheet software in terms of usability and makes logging timesheets super simple. Plus with full management oversight from the app, you can easily see employee hours, work schedules and invoices from one central location. With less time spent on admin, your team can spend more time getting on with their jobs – and you can spend more time building your business.

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Cronos Timesheet & Invoicing Software

Crono makes invoicing a doddle. Once a timesheet is accepted, Crono’s clever algorithms can automatically generate invoices based on the hours worked and the hourly rate you’ve set. Invoices can be downloaded as a PDF, designed with your logo and information in a professional-looking format. Or you can set invoices to be emailed directly to the customer, speeding up the payment process. Want to know when invoices have been paid? You can see paid and outstanding invoices from within the app. So that’s another job off your plate thanks to Crono.

What Makes us Different?

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We’re UK Based

Crono’s timesheet software has been designed and developed in the UK, with UK businesses in mind. We put customer service high on the agenda and all of our support and development teams are based right here in the UK – giving you access to the help you need, when you need it.

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Cloud Hosting

Hosted in the cloud, Crono is fast, reliable and secure. We use AWS cloud hosting which is a low cost alternative to server hosting – making the best timesheet software fully accessible to businesses great and small. All data hosted on Crono’s cloud platform is encrypted at rest and secured using the SHA-2 SSL protocol – giving you peace of mind that your business information is safe with us.

Secure Data

We think Crono is the best free timesheet software available in the UK – because it’s so simple to use. Don’t let old-fashioned, over-complicated and clunky timesheet software hold your business back. Get the best timesheet app for your business and cut hours of admin time from your workday.

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Clean & Easy to use

What really makes Crono stand out is its usability. Other free time tracking software can be over-engineered, complex and difficult to use. Crono’s stunning user interface uses clear visuals to effortlessly guide you through managing projects and timesheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to Crono’s Timesheet Software?

So you think Crono is the best timesheet software for you business? Great! Here’s how to sign up for free. Just click on the sign up button, enter a couple of details and away you go. The app is really easy to use – which is what makes it one of the best time management apps – but if you have any problems our UK-based support team are just an email away.

What makes Crono the best Timesheet Software UK?

We think Crono is the most user-friendly and beautifully designed time tracking software you can get. You can use it in the office or on the go from the mobile app. Plus cloud hosting makes is fast, reliable and secure. With UK based customer service and development teams, we’re on hand if you need us. And you can sign up for free. Get Crono today and find out why we’re the best free time tracking software.

Is Crono a free timesheet software?

Yes! Crono is the best free timesheet software of its kind. You can sign up for our basic package with no costs, no catches and no commitments. This will give you admin privileges for up to two users, as well as allowing you to manage up to two projects at a time. So it’s the best timesheet software for small businesses.

Crono does all of this and so much more.
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