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Chelsea Davies

Crono – The Best Timesheet App for Businesses 

Working from home has slowly been increasing over the past decade. When the coronavirus pandemic worsened, new government legislation resulted in thousands more working at home rather than in the office. By April 2020 almost half of the UK’s workforce was working partially from home. In this article, we will look in detail at how Crono’s timesheet app can solve some of the problems that come with a quick move to working from home.

Some businesses have thrived under the changed conditions and are keen to keep their employees working remotely. There are many benefits of working from home for employees and employers alike. Working hours are far more flexible as you aren’t restricted to office opening times. Productivity is often improved as there is a greater focus on progress and results, rather than simply clocking up hours. Employees are no longer hampered by long, costly commutes and can instead focus on work. And businesses no longer need to spend as much on the expensive overhead costs of running a large office. 

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However, working from home has made it much harder for employers to keep track of everything, from tallying up employee hours to working out project costs and invoices. How can companies keep on top of everything, without chasing down a mountain of paperwork every month? Businesses need to adapt and adopt new technology to help them keep track and avoid a monthly admin nightmare. 

What are Timesheets for? 

Timesheets are a straightforward way to track time spent. You can use them to record the hours worked by a team member or how long it has taken to complete a specific task or project. As the saying goes, time is money. Recording where the time is going has always been essential for businesses to remain on top of wages and client invoices. 

Why not use Traditional Software?

Traditionally, tracking time spent involved a mountain of paperwork, both inefficient and environmentally unsustainable. Keeping on top of everyone’s hours and project costs was a time-consuming task in itself.

Excel became the timekeeping master of the 1990s. Companies enthusiastically adopted Excel spreadsheets and they remain a popular timekeeping tool today. But they still have a high margin for user error. Excel offers little option for automation, and updating spreadsheets is still highly labour intensive. Inputting departmental codes and task codes for different projects is complicated, not to mention tedious. Combine difficult and boring and you’ve got the perfect cocktail for mistakes. 


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When companies grow or their needs become more complex, spreadsheets don’t offer the scalability necessary. Spreadsheets have become hugely over-engineered to compensate for this. Excel have added more tables and complicated formulae to try and manage multiple complex elements, but it has come at the expense of user experience. The bottom line is, without a complete overhaul of the underlying structure, spreadsheet capabilities are finite. 

The Benefits of a Timesheet App 

Adaptable, easy to use SaaS (software as a service) is a far simpler solution for businesses. We could write the book on why, but in the interest of time, we’ll keep it brief. 

    1. Apps can track time anywhere, perfect for remote teams.

    2. Costs can be calculated for each task, project and team member.

    3. Projects and tasks can be allocated to individuals based on past performance.

    4. Advanced algorithms generate professional invoices automatically.

    5. Collecting digital information leads to quality data analytics and valuable insights.

    6. No paperwork is better for the environment and your budget. 

How you organise and manage your projects up to you. Quality time tracking software should be flexible, cheap, and easy to use. Crono is an easy to use time tracking app for both small business and large enterprise.timesheet app

Crono’s Key Features 

Crono’s timesheet app is the perfect companion to any business. With a simple interface you can easily create custom timesheets, track time spent, and generate invoices. The app can be used on Mac, PC, tablet or mobile and works seamlessly on all browsers. Best of all, it’s free! Crono’s basic package lets you manage up to two projects at any one time and provides access for up to two managers. If you need to include more people and projects, there are excellent upgrade options. As it is hosted on the cloud, you can add an unlimited number of tasks to the system – the perfect option for businesses large and small.   

Easily Create Custom Timesheets

Creating timesheets for all your employees, projects and tasks is simple. Assign tasks to specific employees and easily monitor how much time has been spent on any activity. You can set tasks and create all your timesheets for the whole week quickly and easily. Then sit back and wait for your team members to tick them off as the work is completed. 

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When timesheets are submitted you can accept or reject them. Employees will be alerted of the outcome. They then either make amendments and add any missed work or relax knowing that everything has been processed successfully. 

Manage Your Team and Projects 

You can manage your whole team and individual projects all from the app. Use the Project feature to create a project and assign team members to it. It’s easy to review the progress of the whole project and make sure progress is on track. You can check the workload is evenly spread, monitor who is performing best and reallocate tasks where necessary. Crono makes efficiency easy.

Beautiful User Interface 

Timesheet technology should make business admin easier. All too often, over-engineered software sounds impressive but in reality, it adds to your to-do list. Crono was created with simplicity in mind. Advanced software and smart algorithms should never equate to poor usability. 

A simple user interface is essential if timesheet software is going to be easy to use. Crono is so straight-forward you won’t need to waste valuable time training staff for hours on how to use it. It’s also highly customisable. You can organise the dashboard to best suit your needs. All of your projects, employees, and tasks are then right at your fingertips. 

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Automatically Generated Invoices 

Once you have clocked up all the hours spent on a particular project, the next step is to send an invoice to your client. With Crono, simply select the client and the tasks you want to charge for and let the app do the working out for you. Crono will calculate the overall price based on the hourly rate you have set, and the total time spent. 

The app generates professional invoices, complete with your business logo. Send them directly to your client via email or download as a pdf. Keeping track of payments is also possible in the app. You can mark invoices as paid and see who still needs to pay. 

Smart Filtering 

Crono has advanced filters making it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for. You can filter timesheets by date, team member, project, accepted, pending or declined. Sticky filters stay applied, so you won’t lose your search as you navigate around the app. Simply switch the filter off when you’re finished.

Mobile Optimisation for Management on the Move

You can enjoy all of the features of the Crono app on the go using the mobile version. We know that you need to allocate projects to team members, manage invoices and process timesheets wherever you are. Crono offers the same excellent user interface and advanced features on the smaller screen. So, you can carry on with your day and use the mobile app to keep on top of everything as usual. 

Mobile timesheet app

Speedy and Secure Cloud Hosting 

Crono uses the latest cloud hosting technology to ensure the app is always fast and reliable. A quicker alternative to server hosting, cloud hosting can also offer unlimited storage potential. Software that provides reliable speed and scalability are ideal for growing businesses.  

Crono: The Only Timesheet App You Need 

Whether your workforce is slowly moving back to the office or your sticking with working from home, tracking time spent should never be a chore. Technology has thankfully come a long way from paper chasing and navigating enormous static spreadsheets. A simple timesheet app is now all you need.   

Crono makes working out employee hours, client invoices and project costs simple. The app’s project management features let you group team members working on a particular project all in one place and assign specific tasks to individuals. 

Crono has been created and designed right here in the UK. Should you need any assistance, our support teams are based here too. If you’re ready to make time tracking a breeze and refocus your energy on running your business, try our basic package for free to see the benefits for yourself.



Chelsea Davies

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