Employee Time Tracking Software

Employee Time Tracking Software

Why employee time tracking is essential

It’s been said that time is money. So if your business wants to make money, you need to keep control of your time – and importantly, your employees’ time.

For any business that charges per hour, per day or per job, knowing how much time has been spent completing the work is crucial to getting the price right for your customer and the profit margin right for you. But even for less time-based businesses, tracking employee hours can provide benefits to your company that you may not have realised.

Whatever your business, using employee time tracking software brings huge benefits for you and your employees – here are some of them.

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Benefits of time tracking for employers

When you know how long a job takes, you can bill your customers accurately and make sure you’re charging the right price. You can also use data on past jobs to estimate how long a new job will take – and give your client an accurate quote.  That means they won’t be hit with extra costs down the line – or you won’t be left out of pocket when a job takes longer than quoted for.

Employee time tracking helps you see exactly how much a job is worth in labour, allowing you to cost jobs effectively and maximise your profits. You can also allocate workload more efficiently – seeing which employees are quicker at completing certain types of jobs so they can be allocated by speed or skill.

Employee time tracking helps you monitor staff performance

You can arrange employee schedules accurately so that they are neither overloaded nor under utilised – making sure every penny of your staff pay packets is well spent. Employee time tracking helps you monitor staff performance – to reward those who are performing well and flag any team members who aren’t hitting their targets.

Employee time tracking makes your staff more productive because they know what is expected of them. So that’s a more efficient business for you, and a happier environment for your team.

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Get employee time tracking for your business

It’s easy to start using Crono’s employee time tracking software for your business – and the basic package is free to sign up to. So gain control of your admin processes, and your company’s time, with our innovative new employee time tracking system.

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Benefits of time tracking for employees

Persuading employees to engage in time tracking can be tricky. There is often a feeling that they are being watched or checked up on – creating a sense of mistrust. However there are big benefits for employees too – so be sure to discuss employee time tracking with your workforce and outline how it can improve their day to day roles.

Employee time tracking can take the stress out of the working day. You can use previous timesheets to estimate the time each job will take and allocate workload accordingly. This can help ensure that your team have the right amount of time to do their jobs and never feel overloaded. You’re showing them that you value their time and respect their skills. And when you value your team, they care about your business.

Demonstrate Performance with Employee Time Tracking

Rewarding those that go above and beyond is essential to good management. Employees can also use their timesheets to demonstrate excellent performance, putting themselves forward for a reward or promotion that is well deserved.

Using employee time tracking as a basis for work allocation means that all your staff know what is expected of them. Having achievable targets can lead to a greater sense of job satisfaction. And happy staff work harder.

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Does your business require employee time tracking?

Is your business already using employee time tracking? If not, you could be missing a trick. If you’re not using employee tracking software, how can you be sure you’re charging your customers the right price? How can you monitor staff performance or ensure that your employees are being given a workload that is both productive and manageable? You could be losing precious profits if you’re not using some form of employee time tracking system.

Crono provides free employee timesheet software for UK businesses that want to cut admin time and increase productivity and profit. It’s incredibly simple to use – everyone in your organisation will find it a breeze to log their timesheets, allocate workload or invoice customers.

So boost your team’s productivity – and your business’s profits – with Crono’s free employee time tracking software.

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Clean, simple and easy to use

Crono’s employee time tracking system is a breeze to use and makes logging timesheets super simple. You can check employee hours and schedules at the click of a button from one easy-to-use dashboard. So you can better allocate workload. So your staff can do their jobs, not hours of admin. So you can invoice customers quickly and accurately. So your business is more profitable and your people are happier. See? Super simple.

Cronos usability is what makes our employee time tracking great

What makes Crono stand out against other employee time tracking software is its usability. Unlike other clunky, old-fashioned platforms, Crono has been designed with the user in mind. We know that your employees don’t want to spend hours of their day logging time with complicated systems.

We know that managers don’t want to spend their precious time collating paper timesheets, excel sheets and emails – or trying to figure out how to use a complex time tracking system. That’s why Crono have designed software that is simple to navigate – whether logging timesheets, managing workload or raising invoices.

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Improve business efficiency & productivity with Crono

It’s easy to start using Crono’s employee time tracking software for your business – and the basic package is free to sign up to. So gain control of your admin processes, and your company’s time, with our innovative new employee time tracking system.

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Smart filtering for your business

Smart filtering is a feature of Crono’s employee time tracking software that makes finding and managing timesheets easier than ever. Filter by date, team member or whether a timesheet has been accepted, is pending or has been declined. Cronos Sticky Filters mean that you can move around the app and your filters will always stay applied until to switch them off. So you can arrange your employee time tracking software in the way that works best for you.

How can smart filtering benefit your business?

Smart filtering within Crono’s employee tracking software allows you to filter timesheets by user or project, cutting chunks of time from checking employee timesheets. Crono automatically generates invoices from within the app, and with smart filtering you can immediately see which invoices have been paid or are pending payment – making light work of chasing late payments.

You can filter by date, making it easy to catch up on outstanding admin plus with sticky filtering you’ll never lose track of where you were last time you logged in.

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What Makes us Different?

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We’re UK Based

Crono is a UK registered company and our employee time tracking software has been designed and built in the UK. Customer service matters to us, so all Crono’s support and development teams are UK based.

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Cloud Hosting

Crono uses the latest in cloud hosting technology, ensuring our employee tracking software is fast, reliable and accessible to all of its users. It works seamlessly on any device and any browser – so you can use it in the way that works best for you.

Secure Data

Crono is AWS hosted, a cloud hosting solution that provides a fast, reliable and low cost alternative to server hosting. Plus it’s really secure – giving you peace of mind that your data won’t be at risk. All data hosted on Crono’s cloud platform is encrypted at rest and secured using the SHA-2 SSL protocol.

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Clean & Easy to use

What really makes Crono stand out is its usability. Other employee time tracking software can be over-engineered, complex or difficult to use. Crono’s stunning user interface uses clear visuals to effortlessly guide you through managing projects and timesheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an employee time tracking app for Crono?

Yes – you can use Crono on desktop or download the app for use on mobile on tablet. That way, your employees can track their time from wherever they are – and you can see timesheets on the go. You can get Crono’s employee time tracking app free.

Is there a limit to how many employees I can add?

Crono’s free basic employee time tracking software gives access to up to two projects. Within those projects you can add as many team members as you like – with access for two admin users (managers).

What makes Crono different to other employee tracking systems?

Crono’s employee time tracking software has been designed with the user in mind. We know that you and your staff are busy, so we’ve put our time into helping you save yours! The graphics are simple and beautiful, so it’s a breeze to find your way around. The user-friendly dashboard gives a complete overview of projects and tasks – whilst allowing you to dip into detailed information as and when you need it.

Crono does all of this and so much more.
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