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Chelsea Davies

Why Your Business Needs Free Online Timesheets


It’s 2020, we shop, socialise, process payments and more, all online. Yet there is sometimes still a reticence to shift business systems into the digital world.

With fast, reliable cloud hosting and encryption services, online timesheets are a secure option for all businesses and with free options available, there’s really nothing stopping you. Taking your timekeeping digital is straightforward and dramatically improves overall business efficiency.

Timekeeping done wrong can become a job in itself. For timesheets to be accurate and easy to update, you need software that’s simple to use, doesn’t distract your employees from their actual job and provides less margin for error. Free online timesheets are the perfect solution. You can change and edit in real-time, monitor exactly where your money is going and keep your team accountable.

Responsive and Easily Edited Design

Online timesheet software with a user-friendly interface will be quick and easy for you and your team to edit. As digital changes happen instantly, your business can rapidly respond to changing circumstances. If a new client comes on board, a project is extended, or new team members are added, online timesheet software provides the flexibility to quickly adapt. Simply create and assign new tasks and work can continue uninterrupted.

Track Time Down to the Minutes

Other timekeeping methods such as paper timesheets often result in frequent rounding up of hours. While a couple of minutes might not seem like much, these add up over time, especially with multiple team members.  A few minutes extra can become an expensive drain on your resources. Online timesheets use digital time tracking technology to record time spent down to the second. Employees won’t need to manually total their time as the software will do the complex calculations for them.

Make Changes on the Move

You don’t need to be at work, or even at a computer, to update online timesheets. Make sure the software you choose is fully optimised for mobile so that both you and your team can update information on the go. This is especially useful for remote working. If you can’t update as you work, it’s so easy to forget exactly how long each task has taken. With mobile optimisation, whether your team members are at an event, attending a meeting or simply working from home, they can easily input their hours there and then.

mobile timesheet software

Keep Team Members Engaged and Accountable

Use the transparency of online timesheets as a motivational tool. You can assign specific tasks to individuals and monitor how long they are taking. As the whole team can see who is working on what, it provides an incentive to work efficiently. This isn’t a matter of micro-managing your team, as the transparency works both ways. Fair scheduling is easy as everyone can see how work is being divided amongst the team. Your staff can also highlight the jobs that require more time or flag tasks that consistently eat into work hours, so you can rethink your workflows.

With specific roles assigned to individuals, it’s easy to spot who is excelling at certain tasks and give them more of the same. By breaking projects down into individual tasks, you can make smarter business choices and give employees work they prefer doing. It’s a win, win situation! Similarly, if a team member is potentially wasting time, the data is there for you to initiate an open discussion. 

Once your employees complete their timesheets, you can approve or reject them and give reasons as to why. There’s no need for time-consuming in-person meetings with timely digital communication. Employees will know straight away whether their hours are approved, or if extra tasks are required.

free timesheet software

Crono’s free timesheet software: approve or reject timesheets.

Maintain Excellent Communication with Your Clients

With digital timekeeping, you can quickly tot up how much time has been spent on a project at any point of the production process, which is great for keeping clients informed. Should there be any queries over the hours charged, all the data is right there at your fingertips to explain exactly what time has been spent on each task.

Avoid Costly Manual Errors

Small errors can make for time-consuming repercussions later. Unlike paper timesheets and manual data entry, where it’s all too easy for a mix up with other employees, online timesheets keep individual details separate. With personal profiles, your team members will only be able to update their own tasks and timesheets, avoiding any manual mix-ups.

There are ample opportunities for mistakes if your employees have to manually write down their hours and submit them at a later date. It only takes a moment of forgetfulness or rushed handwriting to lose track of what hours and tasks are complete. Not only that but until problems occur, there’s little opportunity to spot how and where mistakes occurred.

With online timesheets, your team can input accurate data as soon as tasks are completed. If mistakes do occur, it’s easier to spot and rectify them quickly with digital tools. Even small errors, such as inputting the wrong date, are more easily avoided and corrected as online timesheets use digital calendars.

free timesheet software

Make Sure Even the Smallest Tasks are Accounted For

The project management features provided by most free online timesheet software means that you can input even the smallest tasks to make sure they are completed. Absolute clarity is provided for the whole team. Every team member working on a project can see what tasks need completing as well as deadline dates. Small tasks that sometimes get lost in large projects won’t be overlooked, giving you and your clients peace of mind.

Timekeeping Insights = Wise Investments

Now that you can see exactly what specific tasks and team members are costing your business, you have a great deal of information on hand to make more informed choices. You can promote based on merit, identify workflow problems and keep clients informed on projected costs and progress.

Scale Up Systems in Line with Business Growth

Most free online timesheet tools often offer premium, paid services. For smaller businesses, or those just starting up, free software provides you with the perfect opportunity to test out what works for your business for free. Once you have found a software solution that suits, you can scale up as required. You can keep costs low or non-existent initially and only purchase more premium packages as your business grows.  

Find Information Fast

If you need to pull up a timesheet or double-check how long a task took, it’s remarkably easy to do so with online timesheets. You won’t need to sift through paperwork or pour over complex spreadsheets. Choose a timesheet app with sophisticated filters and the data can be served up to you.

Collate Reliable Figures for Client Invoices

Approve timesheets, set hourly rates and quickly work out hours spent on specific projects and tasks using online timesheets. All the information you need to create client invoices is at your fingertips when your timekeeping is online. Save yourself the frustration and admin of creating invoices manually. Either opt for timekeeping software that can create invoices for you, as Crono does, or choose a provider that can easily integrate with your current systems.

free invoices

Easily create client invoices with Crono.


Why Choose Crono?

When you make the move to online timesheets, it’s important to choose the most appropriate software provider for your business. Here’s a quick rundown of Crono’s standout features to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you and your team.

1.Crono is and always will be free for two users and two projects. The free package includes all of the timesheet, smart filtering and project management features. As your business grows you can opt for premium packages tailored to your exact needs.

2.Team members can input hours spent on tasks and projects, then submit completed timesheets to their Project Manager for approval.

3.Project Managers can accept or reject submitted timesheets, provide clear notes explaining why and notify employees of the outcome.

4.You can easily monitor how much time is being spent on each client as projects progress as well as determine which staff members are performing most effectively.

5.Fully optimised for mobile, Crono can be used on the go by you and your team.

6.Crono was designed with simplicity in mind. The user interface is clutter-free and easy to use.

7.Crono collates timesheet data into client invoices. You can either download invoices or send them directly to your clients. Keep track of your finances by updating payment information and easily search for unpaid invoices and more using our advanced sticky filters feature.

8.With Crono’s sticky filters, you can find timesheets, team members or project information and invoices quickly, even if you navigate away from the page.


Make the Move to Free Online Timesheets

Making big changes to any of your business systems can be daunting, but online timesheets are guaranteed to make your life easier. By improving staff accountability and reducing the margin for human error, digital timekeeping improves overall business efficiency. Make the move and gain back valuable time and resources for your company.



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