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Super Simple Time Tracking Software

Goodbye admin hassle. Farewell old-fashioned timesheets. Hello Crono. 

Crono’s free time tracking software is a breeze to use and makes logging timesheets super simple. You can check employee hours and schedules at the click of a button from one easy-to-use dashboard. So you can better allocate workload. So your staff can do their jobs, not hours of admin. So you can invoice customers quickly and accurately. So your business is more profitable and your people are happier. See? Super simple.

User Friendly Time Tracking System

Crono is an innovative new Software as a Service (SaaS) product that’s been specially designed to save your business time and money. You can use Crono from your Mac, PC, tablet or mobile and it works seamlessly on all browsers. Plus our user-friendly dashboard can be customized to suit you – so you can see all your projects at a glance, or get detailed information about any project, employee or task.

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Cloud Hosted Time Tracking Software

Crono is hosted in the cloud, which is a fast and reliable alternative to server hosting. This makes our timesheet software really accessible for small businesses. Plus cloud hosting can offer unlimited storage potential for big businesses juggling multiple projects at once.

Looking for free time tracking software to take the hassle out of organising your team? Try Crono today.

Why Crono is the best Time Tracking Software?

Crono is designed for humans to use. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But so many online time tracking software products are clunky, fiddly and difficult to navigate. If the technology is too complicated, it won’t help you out. In fact, badly designed time tracking software can make life more stressful for your team! The best timesheet software is simple, elegant, clear and does what you want it to – just like Crono. So your people can use it to make a big difference to your business.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use Crono – in fact our online timesheet software is a breeze for just about anyone. So don’t put up with old-fashioned, over-engineered ways of tracking timesheets. Try Crono’s super simple, super modern timesheet tracking software and see for yourself.

Did we mention it’s free? If you’re looking for the best free time management software, try Crono today. We’re confident you’ll like it. Our basic package gives you management of two projects at a time with access for two admins – zero costs, zero contracts and zero catches.

Simple timesheet Software for Businesses

Let Crono handle the boring stuff! Crono’s free time tracking software cuts hours from your business’s admin tasks – so your employees can spend less time filling out spreadsheets and more time getting on with their jobs.

How can our web based timesheet software help your business? It’s simple. We’ve included multiple functions – all of which are available to you at the click of a button. Assign projects to team members, allocate tasks, track time and automatically generate invoices. Need downloadable timesheets? It’s all there at your fingertips! Crono takes the hassle out of organising workload and timesheets for you and your team.

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Greater Efficiency with Time Tracking

By allocating tasks to projects with Crono, your team are clued-up on what needs to be done. You can create projects, allocate a project team and add tasks to the project. Everyone in the project team can see the tasks, and select the one they are working on to create timesheets. And with an overview of all projects and tasks, you can check workload, monitor staff performance and reallocate project teams if you need to – meaning greater efficiency in your business. And happier, more productive people too

Looking for free time tracking software for small businesses? Crono’s basic package gives you management of up to 2 projects at a time with access for two users. It’s completely free. Forever. No catches.

Looking for the best time tracking software?

Is timesheet management stealing valuable time from your business? Do you want a streamlined way to manage timesheets online? Then Crono’s free time tracking software is for you. Say goodbye to admin hassle and try Crono today.

Time Tracking App on the GO!

Too busy to manage timesheets in the office? Our free time tracking software is simple to use on your mobile too. You can check timesheets and manage projects from wherever you are with our mobile optimised app. The mobile version of Crono offers all the same features as the desktop software and is super simple to use.

Get a full overview of your projects, add and allocate team members, approve and reject timesheets and manage invoices – all while going about your day.

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Crono’s Time Tracking Software Makes Organisation Effortless

Checking and amending timesheets online is easy with Crono. Admins can quickly search in our web based system and view individual timesheets. Timesheets can be accepted at the click of a button. Or if something needs to be changed, you can reject the timesheet. Either action will push a notification to the relevant team member – so they can make changes if necessary, or rest easy knowing their timesheet is completed. With Crono, tracking time online is quick and simple for everyone in your team.

Once timesheets have been approved, Crono creates automatic invoices for you. All you need to do is select the client and the tasks you want to charge them for. Using clever behind-the-scenes technology, our online time management system calculates costs based on timesheets and the hourly rate you’ve set.

Crono puts all this information into a professional, beautifully designed invoice complete with your company logo. Download invoices as a PDF file – or email directly to your client from within the system. You can even monitor who’s paid up from with the app. Now isn’t that a whole lot easier?

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We’re UK Based

Crono is a UK registered company and our free time tracking software has been designed and built in the UK. Customer service matters to us, so all Crono’s support and development teams are UK based.

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Cloud Hosting

Crono uses the latest in cloud hosting technology, ensuring our free time tracking software is fast, reliable and accessible to all of its users. It works seamlessly on any device and any browser – so you can use it in the way that works best for you.

Secure Data

Crono is AWS hosted, a cloud hosting solution that provides a fast and reliable alternative to traditional server hosting. Plus it’s really secure – giving you peace of mind that your data won’t be at risk.

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Clean & Easy to use

What really makes Crono stand out is its usability. Other free time tracking software can be over-engineered, complex and difficult to use. Crono’s stunning user interface uses clear visuals to effortlessly guide you through managing projects and timesheets.

Time Tracking Spreadsheets

Better time tracking, better project management, better business. With Crono’s online timesheet management software it’s as simple as that. Say hello to Crono and ask us for a demo of our free time tracking software today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Crono the best time tracking software?

We think Crono is the most user-friendly and beautifully designed time tracking software you can get. You can use it in the office or on the go from the mobile app. Plus cloud hosting makes is fast, reliable and secure. With UK based customer service and development teams, we’re on hand if you need us. And you can get Crono for free. Get Crono today and see why it is the best time tracking software available.

Does Crono have a Mobile Time Tracking Application?

Yes. We know you don’t have time to sit at your desk all day. So we’ve designed a dedicated mobile app that lets you manage projects, timesheets and invoices on the go. Like the desktop time tracking software, the app is designed for ease of use and any activity in the app is instantly updated across your system – so you can move seamlessly between devices wherever you are.

How do I start a Time Tracking Project with Crono?

Great, you’ve decided to use Crono to take the hassle out of timesheets! It’s really easy to get going. Just sign up with an email and password and off you go! You’ll have instant access to our free time tracking software to manage up to two projects, with access for two users. We’ve even provided a handy user guide for Crono’s time management system – so you can start using all the features straight away.

Crono does all of this and so much more.
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