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The Complete Crono User Guide


Sign up

Navigate to, enter your email address and choose a password. Click Sign Up.


You will be sent a confirmation email, click the activation link in the email to complete signup, and return to login.

user guide account created

Getting Started

Once you have logged in to the system, you will see the main console:

online timesheet dashboard


To get started, you will need to complete the following:

Your Company Setup

Add Clients

Add Project Managers and Team Members

Create Projects and Tasks


Setup Your Account

Click the Hourglass icon in the top right corner of the screen, and select Account:

free online timesheets

From here, you can upload a company logo or profile picture and complete all the information requested:

timesheet software


When you’re finished, click Save Details.


Create Clients

Setting up clients allows the accurate recording of time and subsequent issuing of invoices. Clicking on the Clients menu option will take you to the client setup screen, click Create a new Client:timesheet software UK

Complete all required fields, and click Save Client. Repeat the process as necessary to set up your clients/ customers. The email address entered here will be the one the system uses to send invoices to the customer.

client timesheet software

Create Your Team

Setting up your team will allow them to book time to projects, project managers are able to approve timesheets for their projects. Clicking on the Team menu option will take you to the client setup screen, click Add a Team Member:

Time Management Software

Fill in all details requested, using the dropdown menu to select role. The hourly rate nominated here is the amount paid to the team member. Project Managers are able to approve timesheets and issue invoices for their projects. Team Members are able to book time to projects they have been assigned to, nothing more.

free time tracking software


Click Send Invite and an email will be sent to the address entered. Your team will have to accept the invite and complete their registration as per Team Member Signup. Repeat this process as necessary until you have invited all your team.


Creating Projects

Setting up projects and tasks will enable your team to book time, and invoices to be created accurately for clients. Clicking on the Projects menu option will take you to the project setup screen, click Start a New Project:

tracking software

Choose a client and name your project, then select all the team members you want to be able to manage and/or book time to the project:

time management system

Almost there. Before the project is ready for use, you will need to create a task.


Creating a Task

Within the Project setup section, tasks are created to enable time booking and client invoicing. Select the project within which a task should be created, and scroll down until you see New Task.

Tracking Software

Enter a task title, the hourly rate at which a customer will be charged for this task, and a subtitle if you wish. Click Save Task.

Online Timesheet

To complete project setup, click Create Project.

Repeat project and task creation as required, until all your projects are set up.



Team Members

Team Member Sign-up

You will receive an email inviting you to join Crono. Click Accept Invitation to register:

Timesheet clients

Enter your first name and surname, then a password and click Create Account. Your login details will be your email address and the password you have just set.


Setting Up Your Account

Click the Hourglass icon in the top right corner of the screen, and select Account:

Time Software

Click Save Details.



Submitting a Timesheet

Click on Timesheets. On your first visit, you will see the message below. Click Create a New Timesheet. *On future visits you will see a ‘New Timesheet’ button.

timesheet maker

Select the project you want to book time to from the dropdown, and click Create.

new timesheet

Click Add Task on the date to which you need to enter time

timesheet software

Select the tsk you want to book time to and enter the number of hours and minutes required. Click Save.

timesheet management

Repeat this process to book time across as many days as required, adding tasks as necessary. When you have completed the week, scroll down and click Submit Timesheet. Your project manager now needs to approve the timesheet.


Approving a Timesheet


Once submitted, timesheet view for the team member will indicate approval is pending.

Project managers approve the timesheets of team members, with the administrator approving the timesheets of project managers. The timesheets of the administrator are automatically approved. When a timesheet approver logs in, the timesheet view will display timesheets requiring approval.

Timesheets can be accepted or declined from the summary view shown above, decline displays a message box that can be used to explain to a team member why their timesheet was declined so they can address any issues. Team members will receive this message. When you are content, click Accept to approve the timesheet. When all timesheets are approved, the approver will see this message, and will be able to use filters to see all timesheet.

time management software


Create an Invoice

Invoices are automatically populated with approved timesheet data. Navigate to the Invoices section and click Create a New Invoice.


Upload your company logo, which will save ass default for future invoices. Invoice number will default to the next available, but can be overtyped. Date of issue will default to today’s date. Now set a due date and select your customer, project and task. The totals will be pulled in automatically from approved timesheets for the task in question.

create invoice online

The lower half of the invoice screen includes a field for payment details where you can provide instructions, additional terms and BACS details as required. There is also a notes section, which if used will display the content on the finished invoice.

When you have completed the invoice, click Create Invoice.


Invoice Processing

Once an invoice has been created, the main invoices screen will allow processing of existing invoices as well as the creation of new ones.

Invoice Generator

An invoice may be marked as paid, with method and payment date. All other invoice options require you proceed to View Invoice. Once you are viewing the invoice, you will see it as it will be printed or emailed direct to your customer for payment. Scroll down to find buttons for print and email, and click them as necessary:

Invoice Creator


Your invoice will be saved locally in PDF format if downloaded, and emailed direct to your client at the email address provided if Email Invoice to Client is selected.


Upgrade Your Account

If you need to invite more team members or create more projects than are permitted by the FREE subscription, you can upgrade your account from within account settings. Select a monthly or annual payment schedule, and enter payment information. Billing is automatic, and the annual plan offers a 10% discount!

timesheet software

Once you have entered your payment information you will confirm each addition of a team member, and the monthly total cost is displayed on the account summary page.


Using Filters

At the top of each section, you will find filters that allow you to tailor the display to your preference. Want to see all invoices, unpaid only, paid only? Maybe you want to see timesheets for a specific team member or those of a particular status – all a breeze with Crono.

Simply use the dropdown boxes until the view is as you wish it to be. The filters are Sticky – which means the view you select will remain even as you navigate between screens – no need to keep changing filters!

To return to the standard view, simply remove all filters from the dropdown boxes.


Crono does all of this and so much more.
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