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Revealed: Top 9 Issues With Using Time Management Spreadsheets For Tracking Time

Spreadsheets are the lifeblood of businesses the world over. But when it comes to time management, a traditional approach can be more of a hindrance than a help.

Here is a look at the ways that outdated time management spreadsheets could be holding your organisation back, and why time management software free for UK businesses could be the answer

1. It’s Not The Stone Age Anymore

Ok, so spreadsheets haven’t quite been around since the dawn of humanity. But they’ve definitely spent a few centuries doing the rounds, helping accountants keep track of incomings and outgoings in an age before computers.

move away from time management spreadsheets

When early electronic spreadsheet platforms like VisiCalc rose to prominence in the second half of the 20th century, massive improvements in efficiency and productivity were possible. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Excel became a staple of record keeping.

But in the 21st century, using time management spreadsheets is quickly becoming old hat. You’re not still using a dial-up modem, so why would you be behind the curve with your approach to time management?

2. Printable Time Management Spreadsheets – Who Needs More Paperwork?

If you have to print out spreadsheets to take charge of time management in your organisation, you are not only creating mountains of paper which needs to be processed and filed further down the line; you are also increasing your carbon footprint.

timesheet spreadsheet

Every sheet of paper you print is manufactured miles away, shipped to your location, used briefly and then discarded. And even if you have a recycling system in place, printing out timesheets is far from carbon neutral.

On the other hand, if you use a timesheet software solution like Crono, you’ll cut down on your printer output, saving money on paper and ink while saving the planet as well.

3. Time Wasted – More Work!

No matter how much of a spreadsheet whiz you are, it still takes time and resources to manually enter all of the information you need to stay on top of your timesheet duties. And when there are better ways you could be allocating your efforts, this is a real downside.

With timesheet software, many of these processes can be automated, leaving you to focus your attention on growing your customer base, optimising your operations and getting on with all of those jobs that have been overlooked due to the mountain of admin.

4. Store Timesheets In The Cloud – Not On Your Computer

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Relying on local storage to keep your spreadsheets safe is a bad idea. Hardware failures, natural disasters and electricity outages all pose a threat to data kept on-site.

If you switch to timesheet software like Crono, you can benefit from access to cloud-based storage for all of your mission critical documents. That way files will not get deleted, destroyed or lost if calamity strikes.

5. Keep Your Invoices In One Place

Another area in which traditional spreadsheet software is lacking is in the way that invoices are handled. Manual generation of invoices is a burden you will have to bear, and staying on top of your time management tasks will get tougher as deadlines loom.

croons invoice software

By switching to a modern timesheet software platform you can access automated invoice creation features, which will give you one less thing to worry about at the end of the month. And if you’re looking for an Excel invoice template UK free for your organisation, you can harness convenient pre-built configurations to make formatting a breeze and save yourself even more time.

6. Cross Platform Integration

Because most spreadsheet software is a little long in the tooth, it comes from an age before interoperability was important. So while useful business tools may be compatible with spreadsheet file formats, this will very much be a one way street.

If you are expecting to be able to use modern plug-ins to speed up time management tasks in Excel, think again. You might wish that you could interface directly with Basecamp and other popular project management services, but this is simply not something that an old-fashioned spreadsheet will be able to offer.

Luckily this is another area where cloud-based alternatives come into their own. You can get bespoke packages which integrate with existing services you are using, delivering a holistic, cohesive experience that does away with the limitations of the past.

7. Nowhere to Innovate

As useful as it was in its heyday, the age of the spreadsheet has come to an end and the innovations it can offer have stagnated. They have been expanded and improved as much as possible, but there is simply no other major change that can be made without changing their fundamental design.

On the other hand, Crono is an entirely flexible new solution which can adapt and shift to meet the needs of any organisation. You don’t have to force yourself into its mould; it can morph according to the time management requirements of your business.

You can stay up to date with how much time is spent on the array of projects that are under your oversight. You can conjure up invoices automatically. You can manage timesheets across your entire organisation. On all this and more, Crono has got you covered.

Additional features can be tacked on as necessary, so don’t stay shackled to outmoded spreadsheets for a second longer.

8. Spreadsheet Can’t Grow With Your Business

Of all the problems with using spreadsheets to track time, their unwieldiness in the face of a growing business is the best reason to give them the boot.

At first, a spreadsheet may seem like the most straightforward option available. Or at least the one with which you’re most familiar. But further down the line when you have more employees to manage and more clients to satisfy, its limitations will become painfully apparent.

Spreadsheets simply can’t cope with the kinds of scales that you will be dealing with, especially if your organisation is growing fast. If you don’t have the resources to dedicate to keeping on top of spreadsheets, you’ll be restricted in several ways.

Overreliance on spreadsheets can mean that your workforce is less productive. And if your performance suffers, you will not be able to capitalise on your early successes.

Using Crono gives you that innate scalability that comes with a cloud-powered software platform. The ability to streamline time management and invoicing will let your business reach its full potential without being hobbled by spreadsheet software that is on its last legs.

9. Identifying Areas For Improvement Is Difficult

Spreadsheets are good at organising and storing all sorts of data. But actually being able to draw actionable conclusions from this data is a challenge.

Say want to work out how long a task takes to complete on average, or identify how efficient an employee is when tackling a given job. You might need to spend hour drilling into the data to siphon out the few useful nuggets of information. And even then, you could overlook some important factor which would actually point to a way to improve your business, leaving you at a disadvantage.

Switching to Crono

To get the competitive edge, switch from using time management spreadsheets to a platform like Crono, which can make vital insights conspicuous in seconds.

The longer you delay the change, the more opportunities you might miss!


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