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The UK’s Best Timesheet Software

Say goodbye to clunky, boring old timesheets. Say hello to Crono – the UK’s best timesheet software.

Crono is a super simple timesheet software application that helps you log time in less time. Track time, monitor staff performance, manage workloads, assign tasks and create invoices – all from one clear and easy-to-use dashboard.

Why do we think Crono is the UK’s best online timesheet software? Quite simply, its combination of great features and usability make it the easiest way to cut time and cost from your business admin.

Super Simple Free Employee Timesheets

If your timesheet software is too complex, it’s not going to save you time or money. Crono is different. It’s been designed with usability as a top priority. Clear, attractive visuals help to navigate you through the app, whilst straightforward functionality helps you to access the information you need at the click of a button. Super simple.

Crono is cloud hosted – a low cost, fast and reliable alternative to server hosting that makes our online time tracking software accessible to everyone. It’s compatible with all browsers and there’s even a mobile app – meaning you can check timesheets on any device, wherever you are, whenever you need to.

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Cronos on the go Timesheet Software

Need to track time or manage projects on the go? Crono’s timesheet software has it covered. The mobile optimised app works seamlessly in combination with your desktop software – so you have all your project information at your fingertips wherever you are. Like the desktop software, our mobile time tracking app has been designed to be a breeze to use and includes all the same useful features.

So whether you’re in the office, on the go or at a meeting – tracking time, managing projects and invoicing has never been so easy.

A UK Based Timesheet Application

We think Crono is the best time tracking software in the UK. Why not try it for free and see how Crono can take the hassle out of time tracking for your business. It’s easy to get started – try it here.

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Employee Timesheet Software

Crono is a breeze to use for you and your employees. But that’s not the only reason to start using our online timesheets right away. Here are some of the benefits that make Crono the best timesheet software you can get:

It’s free! You can sign up to Crono’s basic package for free – no contracts, no catches. This package allows you to manage up to two projects at any one time with access for up to two managers, making it perfect for small businesses. Need to add more projects? No problem, just upgrade your package. Thanks to cloud hosting, you can add an unlimited number of tasks to the system – that’s great for big businesses with multiple projects on the go.

Manage Employee Hours & Schedules

Track time in less time. With Crono, admin hassle becomes a thing of the past! Our web based timesheet software is a breeze to use for just about anyone and makes logging timesheets super simple.

Plus with full management oversight from the app, you can easily see employee hours, work schedules and invoices from one central location. With less time spent on admin, your team can spend more time getting on with their jobs – and you can spend more time building your business.

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Timesheet Software UK & Professional Invoices

Crono makes invoicing a doddle. Once a timesheet is accepted, Crono’s clever algorithms can automatically generate invoices based on the hours worked and the hourly rate you’ve set. Invoices can be downloaded as a PDF, designed with your logo and information in a professional-looking format.

Or you can set invoices to be emailed directly to the customer, speeding up the payment process. Want to know when invoices have been paid? You can see paid and outstanding invoices from within the app. So that’s another job off your plate thanks to Crono.

Why not download our free timesheets?

Looking for free downloadable timesheets? Sign up to Crono today and get started with our super simple timesheet software. It’s free!

Crono lets you create timesheets

Fed up of chasing time sheets? Crono takes the hassle out of task organisation, allowing you to set tasks for your employees and create easy-to-use online timesheets that they can complete on any device, at any time. From within our online time management software, the project manager can set a list of tasks for each employee, and employees can check them off and submit timesheets as they go.

With Crono’s timesheet software you can see how much time is spent on each individual task – allowing you to allocate jobs based on working speeds, monitor schedules and re-assign projects where necessary. Plus use smart filters to search by task, employee or day.

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free time tracking software

Accept & Reject UK Online Timesheets

Once online timesheets have been submitted, you can check them and easily accept or reject from within Crono. Something not quite right? Reject timesheets and send a notification to the relevant team member to let them know when amendments need to be made and why. Crono will also send a notification when timesheets are accepted – giving your team members peace of mind that their timesheet has been accepted so they can get on with the next task.

No need to spend all day chasing your team for timesheets and work schedules – just keep up to date via Crono’s web based time management software. So that’s less admin for you, and happier staff.

Sign Your Business Up to Crono

We think Crono is the best time tracking software in the UK. Why not try it for free and see how Crono can take the hassle out of time tracking for your business. It’s easy to get started – try it here.

What Makes us Different?

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We’re UK Based

Crono’s timesheet software has been designed and developed in the UK, with UK businesses in mind. We put customer service high on the agenda and all of our support and development teams are based right here in the UK – giving you access to the help you need, when you need it.

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Cloud Hosting

Hosted in the cloud, Crono is fast, reliable and secure. We use AWS cloud hosting which is a low cost alternative to server hosting – and makes our timesheet software fully accessible to businesses great and small. All data hosted on Crono’s cloud platform is encrypted at rest and secured using the SHA-2 SSL protocol – giving you peace of mind that your business information is safe with us.

Secure Data

Crono is AWS hosted, a cloud hosting solution that provides a fast and reliable alternative to traditional server hosting. Plus it’s really secure – giving you peace of mind that your data won’t be at risk.

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Clean & Easy to use

What really makes Crono stand out is its usability. Other free time tracking software can be over-engineered, complex and difficult to use. Crono’s stunning user interface uses clear visuals to effortlessly guide you through managing projects and timesheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cronos Timesheet Software UK Free?

Yes. You can sign up to Crono today with zero costs, zero contracts and zero catches. Our basic package gives you management of up to two projects at any one time, with access to two managers – making it a great way for small businesses to keep on top of projects. Need to manage multiple projects? No problem, as well as our free starter package, we have further options to choose from to suit you business.

What makes Crono the best Timesheet Software UK?

Crono’s web based time tracking software has been designed with the user in mind. We know that you and your staff are busy, so we’ve put our time into helping you save yours! The graphics are simple and beautiful, so it’s a breeze to find your way around.

The user-friendly dashboard gives a complete overview of projects and tasks – whilst allowing you to dip into detailed information as and when you need it. Plus with automated invoice generation and notifications when timesheets are accepted or rejected – Crono’s timesheet software takes many more admin tasks off your hands.

How do I start a Time Tracking Project with Crono?

Great, you’ve decided to use Crono to take the hassle out of timesheets! It’s really easy to get going. Just sign up with an email and password and off you go! You’ll have instant access to our free time tracking software to manage up to two projects, with access for two users. We’ve even provided a handy user guide for Crono’s time management system – so you can start using all the features straight away.

Crono does all of this and so much more.
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